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Last Thursday (11-20-2008) Earthwatch Institute held a debate to determine the world’s most invaluable and irreplaceable species. The contenders were plankton, bats, bees, fungi, and primates.
Each species was represented by an eminent scientist familiar with it’s particular situation and battled its case. The audience was then asked to vote for one species to receive a fake check to fund its conservation and the winner was: BEES!!

The real point of the debate was to raise awareness about conservation but I feel like the audience made the right decision. I’ve been following the bees situation for quite awhile now and its frustrating how many people still don’t know about this potential crisis…bees are extremely important and we ALL need to start paying attention before it’s too late.
Think about this…this year in the United States more than a third of the honeybees were killed by the Colony Collapse Disorder, which causes honeybees to mysteriously disappear.
What if all of sudden one in three cows, pigs, chickens, or dogs mysteriously disappeared (died) from a rapidly spreading “disorder”…I feel like then more people would be paying attention and trying to help. But bees are taken for granted and I feel like people don’t realize how different things would be for us and really all animals on Earth.

Why are Bees important?
*Increase yield of about 90 crops-sometimes up to a 30% increase
*Around 250,000 species of flowering plants depend on them for pollination
*Many species like bumblebees and honeybees are polyectic (they pollinate more than one plant)

HONEYBEES: live in hives upwards 50,000 in the summertime and since they can be managed and transported by man tthey are the most valuable pollinator in the world. This year more than 1 million were affected by Colony Collapse Disorder and an estimated 800,000 were last year.

Dr. George McGavin was the scientist battling the bees’ case and he said, “Bee populations are in freefall. A world without bees would be totally catastrophic.” – I concur!

Burt’s Bees put out a PSA on the bee situation:

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