WTF am I doing?

life…it’s complicated and random. very random.

Bambi gets his before dying

Randy Goodman, 49, shot the wrong deer…a deer that wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Randy thought his two ‘well-placed shots’ with a .270 caliber rifle had killed Bambi but Bambi was just playing. Within seconds the nine-point 240 pound deer came to life and attacked Randy. He called it, “15 seconds of hell,” as Bambi attacked him with his antlers. Fuck…that had to hurt like a mother fucker. Seriously.
The deer tried to run off but Randy got him with two more shots and it was lights out for Bambi. But the beating Bambi inflicted warranted a trip to the hospital for Randy, where he received seven staples in his scalp and treated for a slight concussion. Damn…hope that kill was worth it.

Fuck that…and that’s yet another reason I’m vegan!

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Jay-Z ft Biggie & Santogold “Brooklyn (We Go Hard)” Mick Boogie Remix

Mick Boogie has given the track his special treatment and added a verse from Biggie Smalls.
So dope check it out!!!

Jay-Z featuring Biggie Smalls & Santogold
“Brooklyn (We Go Hard) Mick Boogie Remix” new mediafire link

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Couple waits until wedding for first kiss…wow!

According to the Chicago Tribune…a kiss on the cheek is all this Chicago couple has done…

they plan to wait until their wedding for a real kiss and wedding night for everything else…..
Fcuk me…I’ve heard of and even attempted to do the whole “waiting for marriage” thing but for SEX not kissing! So far…I am unsuccessful at the whole waiting for marriage to have sex thing but the beauty of it is I get a new chance with every relationship. But honestly I’ve never really tried it’s always been a half ass attempt…it becomes more of a “how long can I hold out” thing like a game I play or personal challenge. lol!!

Back to this couple though…according to the article they have been friends for two years and dating for a year (they used the word ‘courtship’ but seriously are we in the 1900s?). Apparently the “no kissing rule” helped keep things from getting out of hand for the couple, they were never alone in a house and snuggled while watching tv or a movie sitting up not laying down. Talk about effing discipline!

But both of them teach abstinence to teens so got to give them props for practicing what they are preaching!!!

Fuck…I know I couldn’t do it. I like making out way toooo much for all that.

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The bookshelf of my dreams

I heart this infinity bookshelf!! Plus I’m pretty sure I could have it filled with books in no time-no joke. Plus it totally appeals to my mathematical nerdy side!!!

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Kansas fights back to beat Kent State

It was physical…ugly…and downright nasty but the Jayhawks pulled out another win beating the Golden Flashes 87-60. Thanks in large part to the 32 points the Jayhawks scored from the line. There was a total of 46 fouls called for both teams…and that pretty much sums up the game. The Jayhawks are now 5-1 and have New Mexio State next on Wednesday.

Rock Chalk BABY!!!!

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The Baroness would totally rock these!!!

The Baroness would totally rock these Chanel Platform Sandals with a 90mm gun heel!!!

I should know since the Baroness is my alter ego.
real talk.

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Gym Class Superheroes

“It’s bad enough that bubblegum over here forgot the spraypaint”


Peep this….then you’ll understand!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Gay penguins want to be parents too…

When I first came across this story I thought it was a joke, but it’s for real…lol.
According to the UK’s Telegraph, a couple of gay penguins are attempting to become fathers by stealing eggs from straight penguin couples. The boys started putting stones at the feet of the parent penguins to conceal that they were waddling off with their eggs. But their theft was noticed by other penguins at the zoo and the gay couple has now been ostracised so keepers have segregated the three year old male penguins from the rest in attempt to avoid any disruptions during hatching season.

You maybe laughing your ass off right about now…as are the people I just told but apparently gay penguins is not uncommon in the animal community. I can’t stop laughing at the image of boys waddling off with the eggs and the parents waddling after them when they realized what had happened…lol!!!!!

**In 2002, a couple of gay penguins were “outed” after eight years when keepers finally noticed they were both males at a NY zoo….my question is what took them EIGHT years to notice?!? I mean after the third or four year weren’t they concerned by the lack of babies?! Whatev.

**A German zoo unsuccessfully tried to mate some gay male penguins by flying in some Swedish female birds…but those males were for real gay and were not turned on in the slightest.

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