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Couple waits until wedding for first kiss…wow!

According to the Chicago Tribune…a kiss on the cheek is all this Chicago couple has done…

they plan to wait until their wedding for a real kiss and wedding night for everything else…..
Fcuk me…I’ve heard of and even attempted to do the whole “waiting for marriage” thing but for SEX not kissing! So far…I am unsuccessful at the whole waiting for marriage to have sex thing but the beauty of it is I get a new chance with every relationship. But honestly I’ve never really tried it’s always been a half ass attempt…it becomes more of a “how long can I hold out” thing like a game I play or personal challenge. lol!!

Back to this couple though…according to the article they have been friends for two years and dating for a year (they used the word ‘courtship’ but seriously are we in the 1900s?). Apparently the “no kissing rule” helped keep things from getting out of hand for the couple, they were never alone in a house and snuggled while watching tv or a movie sitting up not laying down. Talk about effing discipline!

But both of them teach abstinence to teens so got to give them props for practicing what they are preaching!!!

Fuck…I know I couldn’t do it. I like making out way toooo much for all that.

link to the article

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  1. The way I see it, they have just as big of a chance to succeed or fail than any other marriage; so if holding out on pleasure is your thing, cool. But it didn’t earn you any guarantees for a better relationship than what anyone else has.

    Comment by momochacha88 | December 2, 2008

  2. werd. nicely put.
    at the end of the day that is sooo true so why deny yourself satisfaction…plus i’m sure someone has been with someone they truly loved but weren’t sexually compatible with…isn’t it better to know that shit BEFORE you say your vows??
    idk…that’s just my opinion. i feel like people (not including this couple because i don’t know them) sometimes want to make it into a fairytale and it seemly isn’t like that…its hard work. And just like happiness it’s a decision you have to commit to everyday…to make it work.
    Marriage doesn’t magically work if you seemly love the other person enough…ya know?

    Comment by wtfamidoing? | December 2, 2008

  3. “Covenent Marriages” work better because God “said so” and He blesses these marriages with more love, patience and with longer and happier lives. This ‘good’ way is the oldest remedy. Just because this ‘one’ was publicized doesn’t mean that it happens any more or less. These are people that usually go straight home after work every night, and so they’re not at bars, mugged in alleys, or out cheating on their spouses, or from making the news in this fashion. So, it’s refreshing to see a good testimony make public news. We regularly hear about these ‘good things’ from each other or in church.

    Btw, anyone can have a covenent/agreement with God… and we are made new. I’ve seen druggies and drunks, etc – become clean by the grace of the LORD – and then they testify about the hell they were in and the heaven they now know. There are thousands of born-again Christians all over the world – that know that the One & Only True Living God has blessed their socks off. (Only a maker can truly fix his product!)

    2 Chronicles 7:14 – If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Google these things and enlighten yourself -or- pray and God will enlighten you, Himself. You can write me if you have any questions.

    Comment by Respect2Glory | August 24, 2009

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