WTF am I doing?

life…it’s complicated and random. very random.

So you want abortion to be illegal…

then what should the punishment be for a woman who has an illegal abortion?

Good question…came across this video…
a man asked several Anti-Abortion demonstrators this question…
their answers are not really surprising…at least to me.

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  1. When you are raped and become pregnat by your father then tell me my abortion was wrong….. Promise you, abortion isnt always the wrong thing to do

    Comment by PRO-CHOICE | January 26, 2009

  2. personally i am pro-choice…i just found it interesting that people have been protesting to get abortion illegal for 2-5 years and have never thought about what the punishment should be…or that there should be no punishment…what kind of effin “crime” doesn’t have a punishment?!

    Comment by red froot loop | January 26, 2009

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    Comment by Mike | March 1, 2009

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