WTF am I doing?

life…it’s complicated and random. very random.

snack or fixture?

Chandelier made out of gummi bears, beads, monofilament, plastic, metal and light bulbs…

by artist YaYa Chou.

my question is what kind of gummi bears did he use?

you know there’s none better than those Haribo Gold-bears!!


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takin it back…

I love this packaging!!

It was done by designer Adam Faja as a part of an annual compilation CD exchange amongst a group of graphic designers…whatev.

I love it cuz it takes me back to the days of floppy disks…
like when I was in elementary school and we would get to
play Oregon Trail in the computer lab…
stop frontin you know you loved playing Oregon Trail too!

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Pure genius…

Damn! This is the coolest lamp ever!
…this is one of the coolest earring storage ideas I have ever come across.
It’s called the Sophia Lamp designed by babaakcja.
It was designed for the Polish Store VOX…

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hold the mayo…

how effin comfy does this bed look?
doesn’t really look like the type of bed that you’d get busy on though…

The Hamburger Bed’s Facebook Profile

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The bookshelf of my dreams

I heart this infinity bookshelf!! Plus I’m pretty sure I could have it filled with books in no time-no joke. Plus it totally appeals to my mathematical nerdy side!!!

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