WTF am I doing?

life…it’s complicated and random. very random.

geek’s wetdream in a commercial….

that’s what she said…lol.
gotta love geeks!

commercial for Lenovo W700ds


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i think…the computer acts…

This is similar to the Humans V2.0 video I posted last night…
only this is from an episode of CBS 60minutes about the brain machine interfaces…
the merging of human mind and machine is already here….
it’s crazy to consider what will be happening and possible in the next 10 or 20 years….
crazy shit for sure.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Socket Sense makes effin sense…

Ok…this is one of the best new products I’ve come across in a long time…
and long over due…I need one of these like yesterday…

For more info… Socket Sense

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coolest coin purse ever!!!

No ordinary coin purse…this one comes with a 1400 milliwatt stereo amplifier that can easily be connected to your iPod plus the speakers are water resistant! So tight…totally want.

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Is that a bicycle? Nope…it’s a PoleRider.

Even the name sounds cool…

The PoleRider takes pole dancing mobile! But don’t get any ideas of trying to make one yourself…the PoleRider was engineered and built to withstand immense leverage loads without failing.
The PoleRider and Veloettes (cycling pole dancers) are available as entertainment…it’s only $300.00 for the first hour and $200.00 for each additional hour. But don’t worry for those of you not in New York…the PoleRider can be shipped ANYWHERE but I’m sure extra charges apply.

I just couldn’t help sharing this when I came across it…kinda motivating me to take those pole dancing lessons i keep putting off.

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let me google that for you…

sometimes the most simple things amuse me.
try it for yourself…

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no f*ckin way i’d swallow that…

Say “Hello” to the new generation of Philips’ iPill technology- they’ve taken the camera pill to the next level. This new iPill or “intelligent pill” is designed to electronically control the release of medicine according to varying and changing factors. You can click on the photo if you want all the scientific information…
BUT..let me be the first to say, “WTF?!?” I do not like this man…I like the idea of being able to control what medications I take and when by SWALLOWING them myself.
This has potential for abuse (and good) written all over it…or maybe I’m just another conspiracy theorist grasping at straws…decide for yourself but start thinking people!

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in the future…

for some reason the thought of having a holographic shadow follow me around creeps me out…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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