WTF am I doing?

life…it’s complicated and random. very random.

takin it back…

I love this packaging!!

It was done by designer Adam Faja as a part of an annual compilation CD exchange amongst a group of graphic designers…whatev.

I love it cuz it takes me back to the days of floppy disks…
like when I was in elementary school and we would get to
play Oregon Trail in the computer lab…
stop frontin you know you loved playing Oregon Trail too!

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My two cents.

i know some people will probably disagree with me on this but when i see videos like this it makes me sad. i feel like 8 year olds should be playing not dancing to “My Dougie” like this…i know kids are growing up faster and faster but damn can’t they hold onto their innocence until they at least hit the double digits?!

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My Night: T-Wanye. P&L. Sprint Center. Westport. Karma.

Last night I went to see Lil Wayne and the I am Music Tour at the Sprint Center in KC. First of all I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been to the Power and Light District,

but I always park at the $2 garage off of 13th and Grand. Last night, when I entered into the garage the dude taking my money asked me where I was going…I thought it was a trick question…”Power and Light?” And he told me it would be $2 for parking….apparently if I had told him that I was going to see Lil Wayne it would have been $10…so keep that tip in mind if you ever are going to the Sprint Center for something and don’t want to cough up $10 for parking or walk a great distance in the cold….or hot. The show was pretty much what I expected for a mainstream hiphop show….and even came with a side of drama. While I was there I ran into my mom’s best friend, who was there with a dude that looked like he was my age, obviously not her husband (who I knew was out with my dad)  and they were both very, very drunk. Sigh…I kinda wish I had been more drunk because I wouldn’t even remember running into her and wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of trying to pretend like I never saw them.
After the show I went with my date to Tengo Sed Cantina for a drink…figured I’d rather be in an overcrowded small bar that reminds me of going to bar in a college town with an alcoholic beverage in hand than sitting in my car waiting in the ridiculous line to exit the garage. We had one drink…the dj played “When I Grow Up” by the Pussycat Dolls so I got my dance on for a minute while my date watched…now I know the guy I was with looks like he’s like 15 years old but it was obvious we were together so when a white dude who had also been watching me dance tried hitting on me by asking a question about my shirt I knew it was time to bounce.
At that point my date and split ways…he headed to a bar where one of his boys works….I had planned on just going home but I was still hyped from the show and wasn’t quite ready to call it a night so I headed to Westport…DJ SKU was having an unofficial T-Wayne afterparty at Karma. Karma was exactly what I needed…and DJ SKU did not disappoint…he played everything one could possibly want to hear in that type of club atmosphere…Stanky Legg, My Dougie, Anything of Lil Wayne’s, Do the Ricky Bobby, Don’t Spill It….you get the idea. Club shit. I left Karma a little before 2am…its a 3am bar but it was starting to get packed…like to the point that you couldn’t dance…and since that was the entire reason I was there it was time to call it a night.

After I got home and laid in bed and allowed the quietness to take over me all I could hear my head was…”Do the Stanky Legg. Do the Stanky Legg. Do the Stanky Legg. Bitch, I’m wild up! Do the Stanky Legg. Do the Stanky Legg….”
hahahahahahahhaahaha! bitch! love that song but gets stuck in my head every damn time!

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From me to him…

all  i can do is smile…love you.
feels like the right time for jill scott…

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From him to me…

he sent me this song and said it made him think of us….smiles.
i know now he is in my life for a reason…if anything maybe to teach me patience and to take things slowly…

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Finally…the SEC’s made a decision I can agree with…

photo from Google Images Search

photo from Google Images Search

Alright I might as well come out and admit that I am a dork. nerd. geek. whatev you want to call me I don’t care…as long as it’s not ignorant or disrespectful I’ll take it as a compliment. I read the Wall Street Journal everyday and through my classes I also have an online subscription for FREE…which is really nice.
Anyways…when the first bailout was being discussed in the House, there was an article in the WSJ entitled, “Momentum Gathers to Ease Mark-to-Market Accounting Rule.” Some 60+ members of Congress had written the SEC in support of a proposed suspension of the accounting rules stating that it would reduce the cost of (at that time) potential bailout.
Now…I am only a college student (studying mathematics, economics, finance and accounting) but even I could see that a suspension would simply be a temporary fix with huge potential to make the whole financial industry’s situation even worse than it was at the time. And to be honest, the fact that some 60+ members of Congress WROTE in support of a suspension left me with the feeling that “dumb and dumber” were in charge.
Now for anyone that doesn’t know….the mark-to-market accounting rules basically forces a company to write down the value of their assets to the assets’ current market value instead of at the price the company paid for said assets. So, for instance, many banks invested heavily in various financial securities (like mortgage-related ones) but the securities market have all but dried up in the last six months, and so the banks have had to write down the value of their securities assets to the current dirt cheap market values. That, in turn, creates a even greater balance sheet problem especially for those banks and companies which are already struggling without reducing the value of their assets.
Many people, such as those 60+ members of Congress, would say that it sounds like (at least on the surface) like a bad rule but at the it provides vital protection for investors. Everyday we hear about a new troubling company attempting to court a potential investor to provide an immediate source of capital or to buy the company…if this rule were to be suspended it would really put those investors at a great disadvantage with a lack of critical financial information.
But in the spirit of real Americana the SEC is expected to pass the buck on providing real guidance on how to apply the rule in our current market to the FASB.

(shakes head) It’s like when I was little and my mom would tell me to put my jewelry away neatly in my jewelry box but I never did. Eventually I would find myself with a tangled mess of necklaces and bracelets that seemed to take forever to unwind and straighten out.
As much as I hate to say it, I feel like the government’s only just opened the jewelry box and discovered the problem. We haven’t even begun to untangle our mess of financial, economic and poor business decisions.

Link to “Mark-to-Market Likely to Remain”

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I’m such a quitter…

I’ve grown bored with myspace and facebook. And so I’ve given them up…didn’t close my accounts because I’m afraid I might regret that move so instead just posted on both that I would no longer be checking them…

And it’s probably for the best…I have a new addiction: TWITTER!!

Don’t know what took my so long but I just opened my account like two days ago and I am sooo addicted. 😉

Tweet! Tweet!

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Bambi gets his before dying

Randy Goodman, 49, shot the wrong deer…a deer that wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Randy thought his two ‘well-placed shots’ with a .270 caliber rifle had killed Bambi but Bambi was just playing. Within seconds the nine-point 240 pound deer came to life and attacked Randy. He called it, “15 seconds of hell,” as Bambi attacked him with his antlers. Fuck…that had to hurt like a mother fucker. Seriously.
The deer tried to run off but Randy got him with two more shots and it was lights out for Bambi. But the beating Bambi inflicted warranted a trip to the hospital for Randy, where he received seven staples in his scalp and treated for a slight concussion. Damn…hope that kill was worth it.

Fuck that…and that’s yet another reason I’m vegan!

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