WTF am I doing?

life…it’s complicated and random. very random.

I’m bored…

…at the library waiting for my Vector Calc II class this afternoon…
but came across Eric Rolph‘s work…
this picture really caught my attention…it’s soooo cold outside i wish i was at the beach….

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Absoluting love Adele…

Adele’s album 19 is amazing start to finish.
And I will be the first to admit that I download lots of music for free but I actually bought Adele’s album off of iTunes. It was well worth the dollars and I have no problems supporting an amazingly talented artist like Adele….it’s sad but its so rare anymore for an album to be great…most of the time its a few hits and the rest is garbage.

Here’s one of my favorites…”Cold Shoulder”

Check out more of her videos on her youtube channel

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“The Kansas Project” has given Dorothy’s ruby slippers new life

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

The Wizard of Oz celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and even though I am not a big fan of the
movie…see as a little girl the Wicked Witch scared the shit out of me so I never watched pass the part with the Munchkins…actually I did once because my older cousin was giving me alot of shit. But as soon as those flying monkey things showed up I was done and never watched it since then…

However…I am a Kansas girl, lover of shoes and the color so On Pedder’s The Kansas Project got my attention. Basically the boutique founded in Hong Kong got 17 truly iconic designers to give Dorothy’s red slipper their own personal spin. On Pedder will be having a silent auction for the newly created ruby slippers to benefit the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. The silent auction ends December 7, 2008.
My favorite are definitely the pair Alexander McQueen designed because so they are very different from the originals and fun. Wouldn’t want to try to walk in them though…especially if I had a couple of drinks in me! hahahaha…seriously.

Click on more to see the rest of the designers.

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this is my kind of porn…

You think I’m playing but I AM SO SERIOUS!!!
I am such a book nerd and I got to admit when I came across Candida Höfer’s photography book, Libraries, I creamed a little…
I took everything in me not to buy that book right then and there…but I have a rule about not buying anything for myself for Christmas, so I’ll wait.
Come the end of December that book will be mine…and I just might store it in my nightstand. ; )

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Vault49 rocks my thigh high socks off!

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Peep this…

Stumbled upon and I’m impressed…

Julien Vallee is mad creative and knows paper!

the spray can one is my favorite.

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i have no words…

its wearable art…would you wear it?

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