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“The Kansas Project” has given Dorothy’s ruby slippers new life

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

The Wizard of Oz celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and even though I am not a big fan of the
movie…see as a little girl the Wicked Witch scared the shit out of me so I never watched pass the part with the Munchkins…actually I did once because my older cousin was giving me alot of shit. But as soon as those flying monkey things showed up I was done and never watched it since then…

However…I am a Kansas girl, lover of shoes and the color so On Pedder’s The Kansas Project got my attention. Basically the boutique founded in Hong Kong got 17 truly iconic designers to give Dorothy’s red slipper their own personal spin. On Pedder will be having a silent auction for the newly created ruby slippers to benefit the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. The silent auction ends December 7, 2008.
My favorite are definitely the pair Alexander McQueen designed because so they are very different from the originals and fun. Wouldn’t want to try to walk in them though…especially if I had a couple of drinks in me! hahahaha…seriously.

Click on more to see the rest of the designers.

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Two of my favorites in one: Cherries and Sneakers!

Nike Skinny Dunk High Paule Marrot CherriesNike Sportswear has redesigned the Nike Dunk to better suit us female sneaker lovers…it’s the Nike Skinny Dunk.
These two very beautiful sneakers use a cherry print from the iconic 19th Century French Designer Paule Marrot.
You better believe this cherry pusher can’t wait for them to drop!!

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Jay-Z ft Biggie & Santogold “Brooklyn (We Go Hard)” Mick Boogie Remix

Mick Boogie has given the track his special treatment and added a verse from Biggie Smalls.
So dope check it out!!!

Jay-Z featuring Biggie Smalls & Santogold
“Brooklyn (We Go Hard) Mick Boogie Remix” new mediafire link

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Couple waits until wedding for first kiss…wow!

According to the Chicago Tribune…a kiss on the cheek is all this Chicago couple has done…

they plan to wait until their wedding for a real kiss and wedding night for everything else…..
Fcuk me…I’ve heard of and even attempted to do the whole “waiting for marriage” thing but for SEX not kissing! So far…I am unsuccessful at the whole waiting for marriage to have sex thing but the beauty of it is I get a new chance with every relationship. But honestly I’ve never really tried it’s always been a half ass attempt…it becomes more of a “how long can I hold out” thing like a game I play or personal challenge. lol!!

Back to this couple though…according to the article they have been friends for two years and dating for a year (they used the word ‘courtship’ but seriously are we in the 1900s?). Apparently the “no kissing rule” helped keep things from getting out of hand for the couple, they were never alone in a house and snuggled while watching tv or a movie sitting up not laying down. Talk about effing discipline!

But both of them teach abstinence to teens so got to give them props for practicing what they are preaching!!!

Fuck…I know I couldn’t do it. I like making out way toooo much for all that.

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Jay-Z featuring Santogold “Brooklyn (We Go Hard)”

Updated with Notorious Cover
Notorious Cover
What do you think?
I’m feeling it!
Love Santogold…plus this track was produced by Kanye West.
Jay-Z, Santogold AND Kanye?!?

Jay-Z ft. Santogold
“Brooklyn (We Go Hard)” mediafire

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Vault49 rocks my thigh high socks off!

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