WTF am I doing?

life…it’s complicated and random. very random.


This is the first release from called “Life: Imagine the Potential”
I find it somewhat ironic that a Catholic organization is using President Obama’s life
to support their Pro-Life agenda while the Catholic church and most Catholic organizations
were very much against Obama (and Democrats in general) due to their support of abortion…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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My two cents.

i know some people will probably disagree with me on this but when i see videos like this it makes me sad. i feel like 8 year olds should be playing not dancing to “My Dougie” like this…i know kids are growing up faster and faster but damn can’t they hold onto their innocence until they at least hit the double digits?!

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My Night: T-Wanye. P&L. Sprint Center. Westport. Karma.

Last night I went to see Lil Wayne and the I am Music Tour at the Sprint Center in KC. First of all I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been to the Power and Light District,

but I always park at the $2 garage off of 13th and Grand. Last night, when I entered into the garage the dude taking my money asked me where I was going…I thought it was a trick question…”Power and Light?” And he told me it would be $2 for parking….apparently if I had told him that I was going to see Lil Wayne it would have been $10…so keep that tip in mind if you ever are going to the Sprint Center for something and don’t want to cough up $10 for parking or walk a great distance in the cold….or hot. The show was pretty much what I expected for a mainstream hiphop show….and even came with a side of drama. While I was there I ran into my mom’s best friend, who was there with a dude that looked like he was my age, obviously not her husband (who I knew was out with my dad)  and they were both very, very drunk. Sigh…I kinda wish I had been more drunk because I wouldn’t even remember running into her and wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of trying to pretend like I never saw them.
After the show I went with my date to Tengo Sed Cantina for a drink…figured I’d rather be in an overcrowded small bar that reminds me of going to bar in a college town with an alcoholic beverage in hand than sitting in my car waiting in the ridiculous line to exit the garage. We had one drink…the dj played “When I Grow Up” by the Pussycat Dolls so I got my dance on for a minute while my date watched…now I know the guy I was with looks like he’s like 15 years old but it was obvious we were together so when a white dude who had also been watching me dance tried hitting on me by asking a question about my shirt I knew it was time to bounce.
At that point my date and split ways…he headed to a bar where one of his boys works….I had planned on just going home but I was still hyped from the show and wasn’t quite ready to call it a night so I headed to Westport…DJ SKU was having an unofficial T-Wayne afterparty at Karma. Karma was exactly what I needed…and DJ SKU did not disappoint…he played everything one could possibly want to hear in that type of club atmosphere…Stanky Legg, My Dougie, Anything of Lil Wayne’s, Do the Ricky Bobby, Don’t Spill It….you get the idea. Club shit. I left Karma a little before 2am…its a 3am bar but it was starting to get packed…like to the point that you couldn’t dance…and since that was the entire reason I was there it was time to call it a night.

After I got home and laid in bed and allowed the quietness to take over me all I could hear my head was…”Do the Stanky Legg. Do the Stanky Legg. Do the Stanky Legg. Bitch, I’m wild up! Do the Stanky Legg. Do the Stanky Legg….”
hahahahahahahhaahaha! bitch! love that song but gets stuck in my head every damn time!

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From him to me…

he sent me this song and said it made him think of us….smiles.
i know now he is in my life for a reason…if anything maybe to teach me patience and to take things slowly…

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I’m such a quitter…

I’ve grown bored with myspace and facebook. And so I’ve given them up…didn’t close my accounts because I’m afraid I might regret that move so instead just posted on both that I would no longer be checking them…

And it’s probably for the best…I have a new addiction: TWITTER!!

Don’t know what took my so long but I just opened my account like two days ago and I am sooo addicted. 😉

Tweet! Tweet!

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WTF?!?! Man kills his friend over the TV Remote…

Now I know there’s alot of jokes about men and possession of the tv remote but this is fucking ridiculous!!

This is coming out from New Jersey…Donald Zampini pleaded guilty yesterday to aggravated manslaughter to killing his friend, Barbara Morris…ok so first I should probably tell you that old Donald here is 73 years and Ms. Barbara was 63 years old. Donald told the Judge he was arguing with Barbara over possession of the tv remote and that even though he doesn’t remember it (how fucking conveinent) he apparently then stabbed Barb 28 times…wtf! over the damn tv remote…is he fucking serious?!
Now since old Donald skipped a trial and pleaded out…he has been sentenced to 18 years in prison and has to serve at least 15 years before he can be released…but really at this point isn’t that pretty much a life sentence? Seriously…Don will most likely die in prison over a fucking tv remote…hope he got to watch whatever damn show was so important cuz it only cost him 15 years.

People are crazy. and dumb.

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Bambi gets his before dying

Randy Goodman, 49, shot the wrong deer…a deer that wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Randy thought his two ‘well-placed shots’ with a .270 caliber rifle had killed Bambi but Bambi was just playing. Within seconds the nine-point 240 pound deer came to life and attacked Randy. He called it, “15 seconds of hell,” as Bambi attacked him with his antlers. Fuck…that had to hurt like a mother fucker. Seriously.
The deer tried to run off but Randy got him with two more shots and it was lights out for Bambi. But the beating Bambi inflicted warranted a trip to the hospital for Randy, where he received seven staples in his scalp and treated for a slight concussion. Damn…hope that kill was worth it.

Fuck that…and that’s yet another reason I’m vegan!

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Couple waits until wedding for first kiss…wow!

According to the Chicago Tribune…a kiss on the cheek is all this Chicago couple has done…

they plan to wait until their wedding for a real kiss and wedding night for everything else…..
Fcuk me…I’ve heard of and even attempted to do the whole “waiting for marriage” thing but for SEX not kissing! So far…I am unsuccessful at the whole waiting for marriage to have sex thing but the beauty of it is I get a new chance with every relationship. But honestly I’ve never really tried it’s always been a half ass attempt…it becomes more of a “how long can I hold out” thing like a game I play or personal challenge. lol!!

Back to this couple though…according to the article they have been friends for two years and dating for a year (they used the word ‘courtship’ but seriously are we in the 1900s?). Apparently the “no kissing rule” helped keep things from getting out of hand for the couple, they were never alone in a house and snuggled while watching tv or a movie sitting up not laying down. Talk about effing discipline!

But both of them teach abstinence to teens so got to give them props for practicing what they are preaching!!!

Fuck…I know I couldn’t do it. I like making out way toooo much for all that.

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Gay penguins want to be parents too…

When I first came across this story I thought it was a joke, but it’s for real…lol.
According to the UK’s Telegraph, a couple of gay penguins are attempting to become fathers by stealing eggs from straight penguin couples. The boys started putting stones at the feet of the parent penguins to conceal that they were waddling off with their eggs. But their theft was noticed by other penguins at the zoo and the gay couple has now been ostracised so keepers have segregated the three year old male penguins from the rest in attempt to avoid any disruptions during hatching season.

You maybe laughing your ass off right about now…as are the people I just told but apparently gay penguins is not uncommon in the animal community. I can’t stop laughing at the image of boys waddling off with the eggs and the parents waddling after them when they realized what had happened…lol!!!!!

**In 2002, a couple of gay penguins were “outed” after eight years when keepers finally noticed they were both males at a NY zoo….my question is what took them EIGHT years to notice?!? I mean after the third or four year weren’t they concerned by the lack of babies?! Whatev.

**A German zoo unsuccessfully tried to mate some gay male penguins by flying in some Swedish female birds…but those males were for real gay and were not turned on in the slightest.

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interesting choice of symbols…don’t ya think?

Some people will label me a conspiracy theorist but I prefer to view myself as aware. As an aware person I know that there are meanings and significance in particular symbols. All in one shirt you have a serpent, a particular handshake, all seeing eye, diamond, gold, pyramid, interesting book with a key, sun rays, 13 lines coming off the middle circle…interesting usage wouldn’t you say? Now either you know what these all means or you don’t but seeing how its laid out it’s obvious the design does…do your research. Know what you are wearing. Start thinking. The designer is telling you something…do you know what it is?

If you’re going to wear it…you should know.

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Last Thursday (11-20-2008) Earthwatch Institute held a debate to determine the world’s most invaluable and irreplaceable species. The contenders were plankton, bats, bees, fungi, and primates.
Each species was represented by an eminent scientist familiar with it’s particular situation and battled its case. The audience was then asked to vote for one species to receive a fake check to fund its conservation and the winner was: BEES!!

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M.I.A. and Blaqstarr are WAY DOWN IN THE HOLE

I never get tired of listening to this song…

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this is my kind of porn…

You think I’m playing but I AM SO SERIOUS!!!
I am such a book nerd and I got to admit when I came across Candida Höfer’s photography book, Libraries, I creamed a little…
I took everything in me not to buy that book right then and there…but I have a rule about not buying anything for myself for Christmas, so I’ll wait.
Come the end of December that book will be mine…and I just might store it in my nightstand. ; )

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Protected: Reality TV Show starring YOU!!!

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