WTF am I doing?

life…it’s complicated and random. very random.

Kansas fights back to beat Kent State

It was physical…ugly…and downright nasty but the Jayhawks pulled out another win beating the Golden Flashes 87-60. Thanks in large part to the 32 points the Jayhawks scored from the line. There was a total of 46 fouls called for both teams…and that pretty much sums up the game. The Jayhawks are now 5-1 and have New Mexio State next on Wednesday.

Rock Chalk BABY!!!!

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interesting choice of symbols…don’t ya think?

Some people will label me a conspiracy theorist but I prefer to view myself as aware. As an aware person I know that there are meanings and significance in particular symbols. All in one shirt you have a serpent, a particular handshake, all seeing eye, diamond, gold, pyramid, interesting book with a key, sun rays, 13 lines coming off the middle circle…interesting usage wouldn’t you say? Now either you know what these all means or you don’t but seeing how its laid out it’s obvious the design does…do your research. Know what you are wearing. Start thinking. The designer is telling you something…do you know what it is?

If you’re going to wear it…you should know.

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