WTF am I doing?

life…it’s complicated and random. very random.

Katy Perry “Thinking of You” music video

I absolutely love this effing song…I sent the mp3 of this song to him about 9 months ago…I told that should we ever part ways this is how I would feel…he truly is a hard candy with a surprise center…and I love him.

Plus Katy Perry rocks and has such great style.
she has made two videos for this song…i like the retro one better…
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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From me to him…

all  i can do is smile…love you.
feels like the right time for jill scott…

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From him to me…

he sent me this song and said it made him think of us….smiles.
i know now he is in my life for a reason…if anything maybe to teach me patience and to take things slowly…

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Couple waits until wedding for first kiss…wow!

According to the Chicago Tribune…a kiss on the cheek is all this Chicago couple has done…

they plan to wait until their wedding for a real kiss and wedding night for everything else…..
Fcuk me…I’ve heard of and even attempted to do the whole “waiting for marriage” thing but for SEX not kissing! So far…I am unsuccessful at the whole waiting for marriage to have sex thing but the beauty of it is I get a new chance with every relationship. But honestly I’ve never really tried it’s always been a half ass attempt…it becomes more of a “how long can I hold out” thing like a game I play or personal challenge. lol!!

Back to this couple though…according to the article they have been friends for two years and dating for a year (they used the word ‘courtship’ but seriously are we in the 1900s?). Apparently the “no kissing rule” helped keep things from getting out of hand for the couple, they were never alone in a house and snuggled while watching tv or a movie sitting up not laying down. Talk about effing discipline!

But both of them teach abstinence to teens so got to give them props for practicing what they are preaching!!!

Fuck…I know I couldn’t do it. I like making out way toooo much for all that.

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